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My Irish Love Song

How many types of love are there?

What does love mean to you?

My Irish Love Song is a celebration of love, in the broadest understanding of the word. Based on real stories, it will capture the ups and downs and the ins and outs of what love means to Irish people (loosely defined*) from all walks of life. Whether you love your dog, your colleague, your granny, your boyfriend, your wife, your children, or if you have never been in love at all—we want to hear from you.

Feel free to tell your love story (and the love song you are recommending) with whomever, whenever, and however it happened—or continues to happen. Be as honest, reckless, detailed, long or short as you wish. Don’t worry about spellings, but do keep it legible.

You can be any age, gender, race, faith, sexual orientation, star sign, and any profession. But the story you send must be a story about love. The result; My Irish Love Song will be patchwork quilt of stories inspired by you, and developed by us.

An award-winning creative team will shape this trove of stories into a theatre show. Some stories may appear in their entirety, some might be abridged, altered, reversed, or not appear at all. All names are removed from entries and names and details will automatically be changed should stories be selected.

Theatre is a process, so although we are working with a framework, we are also very open to hearing your questions and thoughts, and you can learn more about submitting, what’s involved, and the planned outcome, in  Submit Your Story or Song.

Submission window open until July 2017.

(* We aren’t strict on this; but the show will be developed and performed by an Irish cast and crew).