How to Submit

Go to… “Submit Your Story or Song” or e-mail, with text or audio files. If you would like to post your submission please e-mail and a postal address will be provided.

*By submitting to this project you understand that some, or all, (or indeed none) of the story you submit can be used and altered for use in perpetuity across all forms of art and marketing by the makers of My Irish Love Song, and no submissions are entitled to remittance at any point. The final outcome remains the copyright of the makers of My Irish Love Song.*


7 thoughts on “How to Submit

  1. Hello .. sounds so interesting! Really hope to submit. Just checking what date in July is closing date. Also if your story is chosen to be used in some shape or form in the show – do you let the writer know? Thank you


    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your enquiry. The deadline is July 31st. Of course, if a story is chosen we will notify the writer and discuss under what terms they are happy for it to be used. I hope this information is useful. We look forward to reading your submission. Best wishes, Irish Love Song Team.

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  2. Hello, I was just wondering – does the story have to be based on real life? Can the scenario be entirely made up? Also, can you enter more than once?



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