Where did the idea come from?

Henry: Music is a fantastic way to bring people together, and this is something that I think the world, and its various communities need right now. The music that I hope will feature in the show will bring people together, and maybe even bridge generations.

Everybody has a love story. Some end happy. Some end sad. Some never end. Love can be frustrating, challenging, rewarding, crazy, and kind. In order to represent and tell a truly universal love story, I decided that I would leave my writer’s desk and reach out into the public realm to hear other people’s stories. Writing can be a lonely business, so this is a way for me to work on a project in a different manner; if not necessarily meeting people; then at least getting to hear or read their stories. I might use some, or none, or all of a story, or just a description in the story, or just a piece of music nominated.

In theatre terms the result is a mash-up of verbatim and documentary theatre and of course brought together by a writer’s vision.

The world needs a smile, and it needs to be reminded that more unites us than divides us, and nothing is more universal than love and music.


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