Submit your Story or Song

Submitting stories:

*All submissions to My Irish Love Song will be read anonymously. You do not need to supply your name or e-mail address.*

*By clicking submit to this project you understand that the story you submit can be used and altered for use in perpetuity across all forms of art and marketing by the makers of My Irish Love Song, and no submissions are entitled to remittance at any point. The final outcome remains the copyright of the makers of My Irish Love Song.*

*However, if you want to know if your story—or elements of your story—might end up in the final show, please indicate this when submitting your story. We will be very happy to let you know if your piece is included. If you have specific demands or requests, or would like to be credited in the final piece (should your submission be selected) please feel free to indicate this to us.*

*Also, if you have questions on the process of selection, or the finished outcome, and have reservations or questions, just e-mail us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have*

*In order to learn about the final show, performance times, locations and so forth, please sign up to the mailing list below*

*You can also follow us on facebook, search for the ‘My Irish Love Song’ group.

Mailing List:

To join our mailing list just add your name, e-mail and writing ‘mailing list’ in the ‘stories’ box. Anybody can join our mailing list: you don’t need to submit a story. 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Submit your Story or Song

      1. Thank you.

        Could u please confirm that u have received my entry ok as I’m a bit rusty on computor know how !


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